Monetary donations

Monetary donations can be directly transferred to our German bank account (see below for bank account details). We depend on monetary donations every year because the container from Germany to Ghana costs a lot of money. Furthermore we buy some items for the container (e.g. diapers) new, for which we also need further money.

Monetary donations are deductible from the German income tax. Upon request, we can issue the required document (German: “Spendenbescheinigung”) for you, which you can then present to the German tax authorities with your income tax declaration. Please contact Mrs. Vida Amankwa regarding this matter (contact details below).

Donating goods

Every year we collect wheelchairs, walking aids, clothes and other goods for the container that we send from Germany to Ghana. If you want to donate goods for the container, please contact Mrs. Vida Amankwa (contact details below).

Bank account

Account holder: Anna-Maria Smile of the African Child
Bank: Postbank Stuttgart


Mrs. Vida Amankwa
Mobile Phone:  +49 176 41606091
Landline Phone: +49 711 1208915