Anna-Maria smile of the African child emerged as a result of the pain, the suffering I went through after the birth of my only daughter Anna-Maria.

Anna affectionately called was born prematurely and not only that but also came with so many complication, she was born blind, had brain damage, cannot walk nor talk. Though all these deformities persist the good Lord has made it possible for Anna to live up to today and it tells me that with the love of God and the love we have shown her throughout all these years has sustain her. Enduring this pain made me to be aware the God in his own wisdom gives every human being the opportunity to live no matter the conditions we are born with. Living with the pain and the struggles that my daughter would have a fulfilling life has brought so much joy and passion for other children with similar or worst condition, that with the help of God and the assistance we can give them will put a smile on some families face.

The lord touched my heart with a vision to set up this foundation to give love, affection and to support other person in these same conditions. A survey from Handicap international indicates that 98% of persons living with disabilities live on less than a dollar a day.


 They also states that eight out of every ten persons living with disabilities live in developing countries which Ghana the home of this foundation is one of them, where conflicts and poverty have put their quality of live in jeopardy. It is in this regard and the love to see that every child born with deformity would have a chance to live and treated like human being also. You can be one to put a smile on these children face by helping to build a home and a medical service for this needed children. Your gift of any amount or item can go a long way in helping the children.

Anna-Maria smile of the African child was founded in 2012 by Mrs. Vida Amankwa and her German partners in Stuttgart, Germany. Mrs. Amankwa in response to the cry of the African child from exclusion and discrimination suffered by persons living with disability has constantly offered assistance to children, mothers and hospitals. She holds live program sessions, listens’ to their pain, provides them cloths, wheel chair and medicine, also socialized with for them to know that they belong to society.


Chief Executive Officer(CEO)

MRS. Vida Ama Amankwa




Margaret Asomah


Christian Hoffe


MR Amankqa




Abdallah Nii Obili Quaye


Florence Brew