Our Constitution

1. Name, location, registration

The association bears the name “Anna-Maria Smile of The African Child e.V”, referred to following the club. 

  • The association is headquartered in Stuttgart, Büsnauerstrabe 77, 70569 Stuttgart
  • The Association soli be entered in the register of the Local Court of Stuttgart.
  • Fiscal year is the calendar year

2. Purpose

Purpose of the association is the selfless and serving the requirement of development aid in Ghana. The purpose is achieved in particular by 

  • The support and demand for physically and mentally handicapped children in Tema, Ghana. The association will actively participate in the expansion of charitable and social facilities to ensure the development of disabled children on site.
  • The need for cooperation with other social facilities and health projects in developing countries with the help of funds provided for grouting, and contributing member donations.
  • The Board in consultation with the General Assembly may reasons any facility serving the demands of the association, provided that this is also understanding.
  • Demand of international organization responsible for disable children.

3. Public utilities

The association pursues exclusively and directly charity purposes within the meaning of Section tax- advantage purposes of the Tax Code. The Association is altruistically. It does not pursue its own economic purposes in the first place.

The Association funds from maintaining will be used only for the purposes statutory.

The members in their capacity as members shall not benefit from the association. No person shall be favoured by expenditures that are the purpose of the association, or by disproportional high compensation expense.

4. Memberships

  • Member of the Association is open to any person of age natural (and legal) that supported the objectives, recognize the statutes and by paying a membership fee.
  • About the application for admission to the Association, the Executive Board shall after receiving the written request on a form provided.
  • Member contributions are ‘to 31 May each year is paid.

The membership begins with the confirmation of application for admission by the board.

5. Rights and Duties of Members

  • With the inclusion recognises the member of the Association. It commits the articles of association and to obey the orders of the Association and the resolutions of the association bodies.
  • Members are obliged to ask the association’s interests and to refrain from any which is contrary to the view and the purpose of the association. The association’s members are entitled to participate in the events of the association. 
  • Each member of the General Assembly has a voice.
  • Members are required to notify the association in writing constantly about changes in their personal ratios, to pay particular
  • Notification of changing address, and e-mail address, change in the bank in entering the collection procedure
  • Disadvantages incurred by the member in fact the club is not the necessary changes leave shall not be at the expense of the association and this cannot be held against. Formed the association in a loss, the member is obliged to compensate.

6. Termination of Membership 

  • Membership is terminated by resignation, expulsion or death.
  • The resignation of a member is only at the end of a calendar year possible, he is by written declaration to the President in compliance over a period of months.
  • If a member violates the statutory goals and interests of the Association, has or in spite of two reminders to the post for more than 3 months residue remains; it may be excluded by the Board with immediate effect ,Against expulsion decision may, within 3 months of notification of exclusion be appealed, via which the next general meeting.
  • Members will receive their retirement closing; repeal of association no shares of the contributions and the clubs properties.

7. Contributions

  • The association may collect the following contributions from its members; membership fee, Sales services, apportionments.
  • Members pay contributions to a resolution of the measure to the general Assembly. Determining the contribution is high, a simple majority in the general Assembly voting members present club members required. Member contributions are ‘to 31 May each year is paid.
  • The Association for a levy is authorised to the extent necessary to fund special projects or to remove financial difficulties of the club. About fixing the height of the levy the General Assembly decides by a majority vote, which is annually one upper limit of each three times an annual subscription.
  • The decisions by the board members after the receivables of the association at the time of maturity have to fulfill.
  • The payment of membership contributions made by direct debit or debit method of payment by wire transfer or by cash payment in exchange for a receipt. Collection authorization is granted to the Association in writing to the receiving application.

8. Bodies of the Association

Organs are

  • the Board
  • the General Assembly

9. Liability of directors and representatives

The liability of the members of the institutions, the special representative or the person responsible for representing club members is limited to intent and gross carelessness, such people from third party liability used without malice or gross incompetent present, these have the club with a claim to reimbursement of expenses to defend against the claims of third parties, as well as exemption from claim. 

10. The Board

  • The board consists of 4 members. A chairman, the deputy, the cashier, the secretary.
  • Each of them is entitled to represent the club alone.
  • The board is chosen by the General Assembly for a period of 2 years.
  • The re-election of board members is possible. The chairman is elected by the Assembly determined in a separate ballot. The respective board members remain after their Tenure in office until their successors are chosen. Board members can only be members of the association.
  • The board is responsible to manage the current business of the association. It has the following tasks:
    • Preparation and convening of the general meeting, preparing the agenda.
    • Execution of the resolutions of the General Assembly
    • Preparation of the budget, accounting, preparation of an annual report
    • Resolution on the admission and expulsion of members
    • Administrative and Statutory use the club’s assets
    • Conclusion and termination of contracts
  • The Management Board shall take its decisions by a simple majority.Decisions of the Board may, if urgent, or even writing be taken by telephone, if all members consent accept the Procedures of writing or by telephone.The decision must be in written form. Must have a quorum at Member of the Board convened a new meeting with the same agenda. This is quorum without regard to the number of members present.
  • The treasurer manages the club treasury and accounting leads on one – and spending.
  • The secretary takes the minutes at all meetings.

11. General Assembly

  • The General Assembly is convened once a year.
  • An extraordinary general meeting shall be called if it is or if the interest of association requires the convenice. The invitation to the extraordinary general meeting requires in writing to the members and must states the purpose and reason.
  • The convening of the General Assembly shall be in writing by the Board and should maintaining an invitation period of at least 2 weeks with simultaneous notification the agenda.
  • The General Assembly is as the supreme decision-making body of the Association generally responsible for the following tasks:
    • Election of Board Members
    • Election of two auditors for 2 years, which may not be members of the board
    • Receipt of the year and accounts report of the Board
    • Receipt of the report of the auditors
    • Discharge of the Board
    • Resolution on amendments
    • Decide on the dissolution of the association
    • Fixing the amount of the monthly dues
  • Discussion and decision on applications 
    • The chairman of the General Assembly by a member of the Board.
    • Each statutory convened General Assembly is called quorum
    • Recognized without regard to the number of members present.
    • Each member have one vote. Voting is open vote.
    • The decision of the General Assembly shall be taken by simple majority. If not the motion is rejected.
  • Minutes must be taken at each General Assembly, it should include the decisions and be signed by the chairman.

12. Amendment

  • Amendments of the statutes is a majority of members present required. On amendments to the General Assembly only be matched if for on that agenda in the invitation.
  • General meeting and the invitation has been advised both the previous as also the proposed new constitution had been enclosed with text.
  • Amendments to the Articles are required a formal regulatory, legal or tax authorities reasons.
  • Amendments must be giving to all members of the Association in writing.

14. Validity of this statute

The statute was decided on the 14th April 2012 by the General Assembly and came to effect on the 7th. September, 2012 after with the registration at the register general.